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Real-Time Stock Picks
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Try The Investing Systems
Research Lab Today...

Technical Traders ~ Day Traders
Swing Traders ~ Short-Term Traders

This Offer Is For You!

The Research Lab provides actionable trades everyday... the perfect set of "tools" for active traders.  Click Here to learn more...

Real-Time stock picks for scalpers and daytraders. Trade Setups with exact entry, stop and targets for swingtraders. (The Research Lab is a data-driven membership website.)

If you are active in the stock market, you want to check this out...

Premium Tools For Stock Traders…

  • Real-time Stock Picks—Our pre-programmed scanners pick winning stocks everyday.
  • Trade Plans—Trade setups with EXACT entry, stop and targets - and Track Record.
  • Live Shows—Live broadcasts where we mark up charts and find great trades.
  • Focus Stocks—High relative-strength stocks for longer-term positions.
  • Pivot Trades—Long and Short pivot setups with triggers and stops.
  • Strategy Room—Videos to teach you all our tips and tricks.
  • ETF Dashboard—Real-time ETF movers from today's open
  • Premium Blog—Market analysis and stocks to watch.

Take a look at all you get - Click Here to see our state-of-the-art trading service...

TradeMiner Software Identifies Historically Accurate Trends and Market Cycles

Trade Miner Automatically Scans through years of data, identifying "Seasonal Patterns" and "date-based" trade setups.

Available for Stocks, Futures, or Options and runs on PC or MAC

Our Powerful NEW System was developed to help users quickly identify the best trading opportunities out of a list of highly probable trades, based on the calendar and historical data.

The Trade Miner Software utilizes a ranking system, which works on a scale from zero to five, and given each rank a quick reference color coded key; red for avoid, yellow to approach with caution, and green "buy".

The software combs through up to 30 years of historical data to find stocks that make moves at any given time, based on the seasonals.

You can specify the time period and minimum historical accuracy and the program does the rest. For instance you can tell it to find all stocks that have risen in July, 80% of the time. It will return a list of those that meet this criteria along with all the details of each year and the average probability.

This amazing software mines historical trades, and finds high probability financial opportunities, month after month, after month...No programming required on your part!

Click Here to see a short video demonstrating the program and what you can do with it.

Just tap a couple of buttons, and TradeMiner kicks out your entire months trading schedule for you. Sit back and let TradeMiner advise you on when, and what to trade.

If you are serious about Stocks, Futures or Forex investing, you need TradeMiner, Especially if you trade options. Nothing out there comes close to bringing in a flood of highly profitable trading opportunities with a proven track record, 10, 20, 30 or even more years back.

I highly recommend you Click Here to learn more about TradeMiner...

Wave59 RT

Wave59 lets you look at the market like you've never been able to before, with predictive price forecasts, the Fibonacci Vortex, Hive Technology & Market Astrophysics. Wave59's highly intelligent platform delivers informative & useful analyses to truly set your trading apart.

For maximizing profits in today's complex markets, Wave59 is the most intelligent and powerful set of tools you can use. Wave59's Genius Features include refined and modernized versions of familiar tools and techniques, as well as unique & proprietary applications found in no other platform on Earth. Developed For By Traders, For Traders, Wave59's Genius Features put Genius Power to work for you.

Whether you trade Forex, Options, Futures, Commodities or Stocks; with Wave59's proprietary & powerful Genius Features, you will see your markets as never before. Wave59 PRO is designed for intra-day traders who want an all-encompassing analytics and trading platform to give them a professional edge. With Wave59 PRO you can perform an entire range of advanced analyses and execute trades, plus build automated trading systems, all from the powerful, Advanced Trading Platform.

     Learn More About the Features...


Track 'n Trade Software
by Gecko Software


Track 'n Trade Provides the Ultimate Trading Machine. Gecko Software offers the best solution for tracking, charting and back testing the Futures, Forex, and Stock Markets. All charting software, plug-ins, Plug-Ins and data services come with a 14-Day, no risk, use it for free trial period. learn more...

Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Software, Forex & Stocks trading software each have the ability to paper trade using real data . Don't risk a penny until you gain confidence with practice. Each product includes multimedia educational training that actually shows you how to use each tool. Designed for the visual investor TnT is a 5-time recipient of the Stocks and Commodities Magazine Reader's Choice Award. Whether you trade stocks, futures or Forex, we invite you to take our software for a spin to see if it the right tool for your trading.

Why Try Track 'n Trade Live Forex? Real-Time Charts and Quotes - Choose your time frame and watch the charts update automatically, tic-by-tic
Advanced Strategies like Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Gann & Andrews Pitchfork. Benefit from Easy-to-read Buy/Sell Signals - Up arrows to buy down arrows to sell, choose from many popular studies and customize the settings to your preferences. Easy to use Drawing and Notation Tools - Choose from simple notation and technical analysis tools that give you the freedom to mark your charts with analysis notes.

Click Here to Download Your FREE Trial Right Now...

Build a Portfolio of Dividend Paying Stocks
With Little or No Cost-Basis
The Dividend Swing Trade Strategy
Swing Traders - Check This Out
Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Build A Portfolio of High Paying Dividend Stocks for Little or No Cost

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